CD Format

Contra: Deny Everything CD Cover

Price: $12 Over 10 in stock
This is a digipack with some awesome artwork and a couple free stickers courtesy of CONTRA.

MP3 Download

Contra: Mp3 files download

Price: $6
Download high quality MP3 files for any device. You don't have to worry about any restrictions here and the money goes straight to the band.

RobustFellow Compilation

RobustFellow Productions CD Compilation Cover

Price: $15 Only a few left!
41 bands from 9 countries on 3 CDs (featuring CONTRA) lasts for more than 3.5 hours. For more info click here.

Contra Owl Tshirt

Contra: Owl Tshirt

Price: $15 Only a few left!


Contra Logo Tshirt

Contra: Black Logo Tshirt

Price: $15 Only a few left!


Contra Black Hat

Contra: Black Hat

Price: $12 Available Now!

Contra Trucker Hat

Contra: Trucker Hat

Price: $12 Available Now!

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